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San Francisco Resources for People Leaving Jails and Prisons

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Adult Access Points & Shelters

San Francisco’s Adult Shelter System

The Adult Shelter System provides short-term emergency shelter for up to 90 days to adults experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. If you are an adult without children in your custody, you can access same day emergency shelter and make a 90-day shelter by visiting a CHANGES Shelter Reservation Site. Please see information below to learn more about making Shelter Reservations via the CHANGES reservation sites and 311. Visit the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH) to learn more

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CHANGES Shelter Reservation Sites/311 Shelter reservation Waitlist

If you are seeking same day emergency shelter and/or a 90-day shelter bed reservation for the first time you will need to create a profile in the Adult Shelter System by visiting a CHANGES Shelter Reservation Site, detailed information on each site is available on the next page.

CHANGES Shelter Reservation sites will assist with the following:

  • Creating a profile in Adult Shelter System
    • Please note TB Clearance, Photo and Fingerprint is required to make Shelter Reservations (311 cannot do this)
  • Making a 90-day bay shelter bed reservation/getting on the 311 Shelter Reservation Waitlist
  • Explaining 311 Shelter Reservation Waitlist process and how you can check your spot on the waitlist
  • Assist you in contacting 311 when you are at the top of the waitlist.
  • Answer questions regarding the 311 Shelter Reservation Waitlist or additional resources.

Once a profile has been created, you may:

  • Call 311 to make a 90-day shelter bed reservation and get on the waitlist
    • You may have only one place on the list at a time.
    • Previous shelter guests should call 311 for additional 90-day shelter if needed.
  • Go to a CHANGES reservation site after 4:30 daily for 1-night bed and weekend stays.
    • Please note 90-day reservations are made through the 311 Shelter Reservation Waitlist process only. Shelters do not make reservations.

Waitlists are updated and posted daily. Check your place on the waitlist by:

  • Viewing posted Waitlists at various locations and online.
  • Asking for help at a CHANGES reservation sites and shelters.
  • Calling 311 or looking online at: